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Last updated 23 February 2004

My name is Brian Eatock and this web site is for the use of members of my wider family i.e. Eatock on my father's side and Ashbee on my mother's side. The intention is to provide a forum for general information, photographs, news-gathering and publication (on the web site), as well as family tree data

By its very nature, it will include private information, thus access will be strictly controlled by User ID and Password. Initially, these will be submitted via e-mail and validated by me before being included in the table of approved access codes.

"My" Eatock family lived in the Farnworth (Bolton) area during the 1800's, then mainly in the Bristol area in the 1900's. "My" Ashbee family originated from Hawkesbury in Gloucestershire back in the 1600's and it wasn't until the late 1800's that they moved to Bristol.

A brief "Direct Line" version of my family trees are shown below, and they may help you to judge whether or not you are part of the same family. I sincerely hope that you are and, if so, you will be invited to register your details later


Eatock family tree

Ashbee family tree


Eatock & Ashbee family trees

minnie wedding day
willilam & minnie 1939
annie furneaux lane george ashbee

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